The Do Once and Share (DOAS) Glaucoma Project

The DOAS Glaucoma project was one of 50 clinical topics chosen by Connecting for Health as part of a national programme set up to commission clinically led projects to develop templates for care pathways and datasets.

The project has successfully completed its objectives in developing a national glaucoma clinical care pathway template and a core national dataset.

The DOAS Glaucoma Clinical Care Pathway and Dataset have had national multi-professional consultation, patient involvement, and have been formally approved by all professional bodies:

  • The Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • The College of Optometrists
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • British and Irish Orthoptic Society

Further development of DOAS Glaucoma

Having achieved multi-professional consensus and approval of its clinical content, the Glaucoma Clinical Care Pathway and Dataset are being further developed as an information standard through the NHS Information Standards Board.

Utilisation of common terminology and codes is a prerequisite for the consistent and accurate transfer of clinical information electronically within and between NHS IT systems.

The NHS Information Standards Board provides an independent mechanism for the approval of information standards in the NHS.  The focus of this process is to ensure that a proposed information standard has demonstrated its fitness for purpose, safety, inter-operability and implementation through the assurance process.

There are three stages for the ISB Process:

  1. Requirement - ISB assures that there is a defined need for the standard to be developed for use within the NHS and that there is a funded development and implementation plan.
  2. Draft - ISB assures that there is early evidence of the standard being able to deliver the benefits which were described in the 'Requirement' through testing.
  3. Full - ISB assures that there is evidence that the standard is implementable, interoperable and safe and is supported by an ongoing maintenance and update process.

The DOAS Glaucoma Clinical Care Pathway and Dataset have received a conditional approval at the requirement stage; further work is being led by the DOAS Glaucoma Action Team towards the next ISB stage – i.e. approval for draft standard.

Once approved by the ISB as an information standard, all IT services and suppliers in the NHS are required to implement it within their systems.